Bluebolt Startup Factory is a B2B Deep Tech Startup Accelerator focused on Supply Chain & Logistics Sector.

Bluebolt is a tech startup factory that focuses on finding brilliant entrepreneurs solving business critical challenges with deep tech disruptive solutions. We help them with what they need to go from a MVP to a successful startup gunning for a Series A investment.

This could be with worldwide access to experts, fortune 500 companies, angel investors and seed funds looking to invest in deep tech startups, refining their target customer, positioning in market, pricing & licensing, setting up distribution networks – whatever the startup needs to succeed!

We are currently focused on Supplychain & Logistics sector startups that use IoT, Cloud/SaaS, Big data & Analytics, AI/ML, Cybersecurity, robotics, autonomous driving etc. to disrupt the traditional markets or create totally new offerings.

Bluebolt Startup Factory has developed a unique asset free face-to-face and one-on-one turbo-commercialisation model to focus on the key requirements of startups – hands-on help in refining their business model, access to right kind of industry mentors, taking it to market, reaching a predictable revenue stage and getting them funded. It partners with strategic partners like coworking spaces, startup serving legal/marketing companies and industry events.

Bluebolt Startup Factory is founded and run actively by entrepreneurs who have build successful businesses themselves and not by hired guns with no entrepreneurial experience. We understand what it takes practically to build and scale a startup. Once the business model is ready, we help startups connect with their customers – for validating it initially and finally launching it.

We are a big believer in Blue Ocean Strategy developed by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne. Lasting success and business value increasingly comes, not from battling competitors, but from creating blue oceans of untapped new market spaces ripe for growth.

What is Blue Ocean Strategy?

We work with Startups to help them create blue oceans by disrupting existing markets, creating totally new ones and dominating them.

The “Bolt” in Bluebolt signifying speed of execution comes from our favourite inspiration, Super Athlete Usain Bolt. We believe the attitude to life and the fun he has is important for founders to have while they are growing their startups.

We are Different!

When incubators and accelerators started in India 4-6 years back, they provided office space, business model advice, strategy advice, legal support, marketing help, mentor & investor connect etc. all under one roof. In return, Accelerators could easily take equity as high as 10-15% as these were not easily available in the ecosystem.

In the last 18-24 months, the co-working phenomenon has exploded in all startup hubs across India. And now most of these facilities that accelerators provided are easily available to startups, that too without giving away any equity.

Co-Working spaces offer access to startup community, flexible cost space, access to legal and marketing experts access to mentors and investors. Besides this, there are startup pitches and competitions going on all the time.

Accelerators that built big teams and fancy office spaces are now stuck as entrepreneurs do not see the value in offering precious equity for something that is easily available and in most cases free of cost. The old breed of accelerators are fast losing their relevance and are dying.

In this candid interview with TechStory, Anil Chhikara opens up about the current viability and status of Accelerators and Incubators in India.

How do we do it?

Startup Diagnosis

We have developed a proprietary Startup Diagnosis Model covering 10 parameters including Team, Value Creation, Products, Marketing, Competition, Go-to-Market strategy etc. Each of the parameters is evaluated and rated seperately to measure the current status of the startup. This unique model helps us draw up a customised engagement plan specific to the startup’s strengths, weaknesses, need for mentoring and external experts.

Engagement Plan

Based on the startup’s diagnosis report, a custom engagement plan is drawn up. This 12-months plan includes monthly milestones, action points for the startup for each milestone, recommendations from and action points of Bluebolt at each milestone. This forms the basis of measuring progress, taking corrective action and having absolute clarity of roles and expectations from both the parties – the startup and Bluebolt Startup Factory.


Bluebolt has a large international network of angel investors and seed funds that focus on being the first early stage institutional investor. As we deal with early stage startups, we do not waste the startups’ time pitching to the bigger well known investors. We only go to relevant early stage investors who focus on our kind of startups. We also do not believe in sharing the deck unless the investor has shown interest in investing.